четверг, 29 ноября 2012 г.

My 10 favorite projects featuring chipboard

Hi there)))
Today I'd like to show you my 10 favorite projects featuring chipboard.

1.  In this LO I used 3 different kinds of chipboard: cage, clock and swirl (the closeup a are here). I cover all of them with two different embossing powders (white and gold). Really like this effect:

2. Here I used 4 different kinds of chipboard: cage, swirl and 2 keyholes. Cower them with white embossing powder:

3. In this LO you can find 3 kinds of chipboard: large swirl (covered with gold embossing powder) and two branches with lives (cowered with different kinds of crackle paint):

4. And now my favorite kind of paper projects - cards))) Here I used a large swirl covered with white embossing powder (yep, I'm a fan of embossing)))):

5. Again whit embossing. But this time I trine to cover manequen with powder not uniformly to achieve   the shabby look:

6. Two kinds of chipboard covered with white emboss.powder:

7. And here is something different: the swirl is covered with acrylic paint. Then I added some mist:

8. And here is also one of my favorite technique: I covered the cipboared cogwheels with acrilyc paint, then added some alchohol inks and at last stamped some text on them. The paint adds some interesting texture on them:

9. On this Christmas card I was playing with embossing powders (again)))). First I used clear powder then - white. While they were mixting on chipboard appeared an interesting effect (like crackle but inside the surface):

10. And the last project. Covered the clock with white and then added some gold to achive a little bit vintage effect:

Have a nice day)))

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